“Ghost of You” from Megan O’Neill Released Today

‘Ghost of You’, the debut album from Megan O’Neill is released today. Belles and Gals team member Lesley Hastings recently headed to Megan’s album launch and you can read her review here: – http://bellesandgals.com/2018/04/28/megan-oneill-album-release-show-london-26th-may-2018-review-by-lesley-hastings/

Megan’s album journey began in  September 2017, when the Irish singer/songwriter set out to write and record her debut solo album with producer/songwriter Zak Lloyd in Nashville. The first single (‘Why I Need You’) was released in October 2017 and the video hit over 100,000 views in less than one month. The second single (‘Ghost of You’) was released January 2018 and has been described as ‘stunning’, and a ‘reminiscent, reflective, country-pop fusion’.

Download the album here:  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/ghost-of-you/1356688747


1. Don’t Come Easy – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
2. Let’s Make One Up – Megan O’Neill & Morgan Brown and Brad Crisler
3. Ghost of You – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
4. Don’t Say It’s Over – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
5. Bottle – Megan O’Neill & James Walsh (Starsailor)
6. Why I Need you – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
7. Treading Water – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
8. Tell You To Leave – Megan O’Neill & Pete Gardiner
9. Good Love – Megan O’Neill & Zak Lloyd
10. Without – Megan O’Neill, Jeff Cohen and Victoria Banks
11. Any Younger – Megan O’Neill & Dave and Joe Dunwell (The Dunwells)
12. Lost a Love – Megan O’Neill & Dave and Joe Dunwell (The Dunwells)

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