Emi Sunshine – Ragged Dreams

At Belles and Gals we’re happy to feature artists of all ages and today 13 year old Emi Sunshine has hit our radar. From a singer as young as this you might expect a country-pop sound, but Tennessee native Emi gives us nothing of the sort. Her voice has been described as ‘Old-Timey’, including touches of Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Gospel and even some blues in there. There is little doubt that she has caught the public’s imagination either – she has over 14 million views on YouTube, over half a million Facebook friends and more than a dozen appearances at the Grand Ole Opry. She has even performed on the Today show too.

If you haven’t already hit play on the clip above, do so now. You’ll be mesmerized by her voice. This girl has a huge future ahead.

To find out more about Emi, hit her socials below:

Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook


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