Your Voice, Your Choice #42 – Jenna Paulette

Today we continue with our popular “Your Voice, Your Choice” feature on Belles and Gals, the 42nd edition of the feature! We introduce one of our favourite songs from a country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature US country artist Jenna Paulette.

We featured ILYSM as our song of the day at the beginning of March and we were so impressed, we just had to feature Jenna again! We asked her all about the song:

“ILYSM” is a great balance of both elements that make me, me – as an artist. It’s got the pop feel, but that traditional pedal steel solo comes in and all the sudden it ‘s like bam–a touch of western and a little sexy at the same time. As we were tracking it, I kept falling harder for the way it was turning out. I LOVE the way it makes me feel/wanna dance. That’s what made me choose it as a single. Finding songs that make me feel something is why I listen to music and become a fan of other artists. The goal/hope is that “ILYSM” has that same effect on people that hear it. 🙂

Jenna Paulette has chosen two songs – she writes:

Dang! That’s such a hard question right now because I have so many songs that have been on repeat lately, but I am digging “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot” by Jordan Davis and “Real Friends” by Camilla Cabello. Jordan has such a cool vibe and those melodies! Camilla–the whole album is great, but that song says something so true with a positive spin and it’s so easy to listen to. LOVE.

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