So You Went to C2C, Now What? – Emily J Weall

This past weekend C2C Fest graced London, Glasgow and Dublin and we all know someone that was a complete country music newb before their first time at this iconic weekend of British country music.

Or maybe you went to C2C, saw the amazing artists and though ‘Hey, I wonder what British Country Artists I should listen to?’

If this is you then don’t worry; we’ve got the lowdown of all the amazing homegrown talent you absolutely HAVE to check out.


With a personality big enough to fill arenas, all this Yorkshire girl needs to do is hurry up and release some music and all will fall into place. Keep your ears out for Lie To Me, which has been confirmed as being on the upcoming record, anyone who has had their heartbroken, or hasnt for that matter – will be moved by such a beautiful song!

Catherine Mcgrath

If you talk about UK Country Music, you can’t not mention Catherine. After playing her first headline show last week, she then went on to absolutely nail her performances over the weekend. Her debut album is out in May, but there is still plenty of material on her Spotify/iTunes etc to tide you over for the next few months.

Clara Bond

After 4 sets over the C2C weekend, Clara has firmly landed her place at the forefront of British Women leading the way in Country Music. EP ‘Out of Towners’ features 4 songs that will all be added to my playlist and I can’t wait to hear the music that she was recording in December

Article written by Emily J Weall (, who is below (2nd from right) alongside both Catherine McGrath and Twinnie!

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