Hannah Paris to release ‘Just You Wait’ on Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago we at Belles and Gals announced that we’d be managing the fantastic Hannah Paris and on Wednesday, Hannah’s new single ‘Just You Wait’ is released. From the 20 second clip above, you’ll probably already realise that it’s badass as hell and Hannah shows amazing attitude. We had a chat with Hannah at C2C this weekend and asked her all about the song and what started her career!

Hi Hannah, You have a new single out on Wednesday – “Just You Wait”. Tell us all about the song!

‘Just You Wait’ is a female empowering song. I wrote if after a huge break up and I never felt like I got complete Karma, I never really got my point across and it just ended and we’ve never ran into each other since. It was one of those songs I wrote with built up emotion and stuff I always wanted to say. It was a fun song to write and I love singing it and it gives me real energy. It’s a song I can certainly relate to and I think other girls will too.

Have you always wanted to be a singer?

When I was VERY young, I was always there with a hairbrush in front of the mirror and I was always the singer in my group of friends. I’ve always enjoyed the writing side of it, however I wouldn’t say I 100% wanted to be any type of singer, but it kind of fell to me, as I write for myself. So to promote my own songs, I sing! I like to write about personal things and personal stories, which fits perfectly into the country genre. Now I do sing, I couldn’t now stop!

You released your debut EP ‘Short Stories’ last summer. Without really pushing the release, you’ve amassed an incredible 100,000 plays on Spotify. How do you look back on the E.P.?

I am proud of the E.P. It was a record where I jumped in feet first and got it out there on a budget. They were all songs directly from my songbook, and it was completely natural – just a guitar and vocals, no harmonies, no bass, literally just raw. I am proud of the fact that people enjoyed it – all of the songs are very different, some fast paced ones, songs about love – an all rounder package.

If you could go back and speak to your 16 your old self, what would you tell young Hannah Paris?

I’d tell her not to trust boys and listen to her dad!!

Tomorrow we’ll be featuring the video premiere for ‘Just You Wait’ at 6pm!

Pre-order the single here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/just-you-wait/1352641777?i=1352641902



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