Road to C2C Festival #35 – Sarah Darling

It was with great delight that we heard on Monday that Sarah Darling will be appearing at the C2C festival this year. Luckily enough I had one spare day in this countdown to the festival, with one more perfectly timed post to come on the eve of C2C tomorrow. On the subject of ‘perfectly timed’, Sarah Darling released an acoustic video of her amazing new single ‘Wasted’ just yesterday., so we thought we’d share it!

In our review of the song recently we stated, ‘During the stripped back ballad Sarah delves into the damage another persons addiction can have on those around them and how it can affect those sacred relationships. It’s a very deep and meaningful country song with wonderful, heart-wrenching lyrics that will strike a chord with many fans across the globe.’ Read the full review here –

Sarah will be appearing on the Town Square Stage on Sunday

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