The Adelaides Supporting Megan McKenna – Scala, London Review

On Wednesday evening I headed into London to Kings Cross to see The Adelaides supporting Megan McKenna. The gig was at the Scala and it was pretty clear on arrival that this wasn’t your usual UK country crowd – The Only Way is Essex fandom was out in force! This made for a much younger crowd than you’d usually find at a UK country gig and I did spot more than a few fake tans in the queue winding round the outside of the venue. Having interviewed the Adelaides recently, I was very interested in seeing them live for the first time. The all-female trio only formed relatively recently but made a big impact with their live performance at Country Music Week and landed a management deal on the back of it.

The venue was sold out and it was nice to see that there was already a big crowd in place when the Adelaides came on stage at around 8.20pm. Paris, Alicia and Abi all looked fantastic in black, with Paris and Abi either side both playing black guitars – Johnny Cash would have been impressed!

The set was a nice mix of original material and covers. Early on, particular highlights for me were ‘Jack Daniels’ (the opening number) and the slower ‘No Survivors’. It became completely evident that this wasn’t a usual ‘country’ crowd when the trio asked if anyone had heard of Maren Morris? This was met with just three or four ‘yeahs’ and most seemed to be hearing ‘My Church’ for the very first time. This was brilliant however and was quickly followed up by the equally good ‘What Your Heart Would Say’. Paris, Alicia and Abi were in full flow now and were doing a great job of winning over much of the crowd – which was no easy ask! They slowed it down with an excellent cover of ‘Sanctuary’, famous from the Nashville TV series. The final number was the cheeky ‘Jelly Baby’ – I won’t give away what the ‘jelly baby’ refers to, but it’s clearly not something impressive! This was the perfect finishing number, leaving the crowd in a party mood, before Megan McKenna hit the stage!

What was evident from the start is that these ladies can sing! Each is strong vocally individually and when they come together, the harmonies are fantastic. They also have a confidence that belies the fact that they’ve only been together as a trio a short while. I imagine we’ll be seeing much of the Adelaides next year, and being a UK country fan I can’t wait!

I was certainly intrigued to see Megan McKenna live. Not having watched TOWIE, but having heard both of her singles, I was impressed and she’d certainly got people talking – but could she do it live? The answer was a resounding yes. The headline set certainly wasn’t one for the country purists out there, but it was completely entertaining and there is no doubting that Megan has a tremendous voice. The set included a Miley Cyrus medley (although the Essex based singer didn’t appear on a Wrecking Ball), some Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts. My particular highlight was a fantastic cover of Carrie’s ‘Before He Cheats’. The night ended with Megan’s hit single ‘High Heeled Shoes’ which had everyone in the venue singing along and the crowd went home happy. ‘I quite like country music now I think’ the quote of the night from a lady to a friend walking out in front of me!

Review written by Nick Cantwell

Images courtesy of Colin Jones


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