Lisa Wright – Wednesday’s Child EP Review

A few weeks ago I headed to the Bluebird Sessions in Kelvedon and Lisa Wright was one of the seven artists who performed on the night. I thought she was outstanding, her small set including the songs from ‘Wednesday’s Child’, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the EP which is out today.

The EP opens up with “Rising Strong” and this fast paced, foot tapper (or head nodder as I’m writing this review sitting down) does a great job of zoning you into the record. The song has an infectious and uplifting quality and it’s something a little different from Lisa, showing another side to her talent. I loved this song when I heard it performed live and it’s just as good on record.

The next track on the EP is “In The End”. The moment this song starts you’ll be struck by Lisa’s beautiful but fragile vocals and the production of the song ensures that the focus stays on those vocals throughout. This emotional number builds slowly and keeps you captivated throughout. This is a simply stunning number which is on my shortlist for song of the year already.

‘Why Would I Wanna’ is the next track and this song has a fresh appeal, while I really like the production of this song, which has an almost alt-country feel.  “Who needs the trouble, when you find out that your lover, has got a girl at home and is the one that he desires” a great line that gives you the gist of the song. This song is a grower.

‘Waiting For The Rain’ slows it down again and features brilliant layered harmonies which once again highlight the incredible vocals. This melodic song finishes off the EP perfectly, another wonderfully crafted number delivered with a real sense of class.

From start to finish, this EP is fantastic and it’s clear that Lisa Wright is one of the true leading lights on the UK country scene. In many ways, a 4 song EP just isn’t enough, as coming to the end, I just wish there was more. ‘In the End’ is the shining star in a sea of highlights and if Lisa Wright continues with music of this quality, she is surely destined for a huge career. An outstanding EP.

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