Jack and Ella – Ready

Today I’m delighted to feature Jack and Ella for the first time, a new country duo based in London (which is the best town on the planet – although being a Londoner myself I might be a little biased!). Jack and Ella actually met at an open mic night when they were 16 and years later were re-united after recognising their musical and personality similarities via social media.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a great, catchy country number that is sure to put a smile on your face – you’ll also still be humming along to it half an hour after you’ve heard it (I know this, because I did!). Make sure you watch the video to the very end too, love the last few seconds! It’s always fantastic when another new act appears on the scene and Jack and Ella are a welcome addition to the UK country scene!

I asked the guys to tell me a little about the song and this is what they said…

“The song came about when we were jamming with our guitars and we just started singing the hook “are you ready”,
but with no lyrics at this point. We then came up with a melody for the chorus and verse within 10 minutes!
It came really quickly and naturally to us – we wanted to write an upbeat song that you’d want to play with in the car with the roof down in the summer. We then crafted the lyrics along the theme of going out for the night with the person you love, in the early super fun stages of a relationship where you’re looking to push your own boundaries and have a great time!
A studio version of Ready will be on our EP coming early 2017!”

To find out more about Jack and Ella hit the links: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

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