Luke and Mel – Bad Habit, plus interview
Here is the brilliant official video for Luke and Mel’s ‘Bad Habit’. Yesterday I caught up with Luke (rather randomly at a gig when I realised that Luke was standing right next to me!) and asked him about the song and more! Here is what he had to say:
Tell us about the song ‘Bad Habit’?

I think it’s one of Mel’s old ideas maybe, about a relationship she was in. I think everybody has been in a situation, or at least you know somebody, who always go for the wrong people, you know, especially in school when it’s the popular guys who get the nice looking girls, even though they’re complete idiots. So it’s that kind of situation – there have been rumours it’s about me, but it’s not proven! It’s when a person is only with someone for a certain reason and not because it’s necessarily the best for them.
So we took that idea and put some references in towards alcohol, drugs etc, things that are actual habits and the song was formed.

The video is fantastic – how did that come about?

Well the video was filmed in Gullivers which is our favourite venue in Manchester, where we try to play as many times as we can. The street scenes were all filmed in the Northern quarter which is our favorite area of Manchester, with loads of cool venues such as the ‘Night and Day’ cafe and ‘The Castle’ hotel and the ‘Ruby Lounge’. We wanted to film something that was both gritty and urban, which we felt suited the song. A couple of actors appeared – Beth Hunter and Jeremy Chalmers and they played the couple who had a bit of an argument in the video. She ends up jumping on a train and leaving him for good, which is the way we see the song ending, with her eventually deciding to get rid of the guy. The song had done well – we’ve just received a nomination for Song of the Year and video of the year at the BCMA’s, so we’re really happy with it.

You recently toured with Jess and the Bandits, how did that go?

Yeah that was great, we love Jess and the Bandits and they’re one of our favourite acts in the UK. They’re amazing, the tour was great and very well attended and we played to a lot of new people which is always good – we got on great with the guys and all in all it was a massive success!

Tell us about what you’ve got coming up?

OK, so we’re touring in September on a co-headline with Gary Quinn, both us and Gary will be having our bands with us. We’re having special guests in every town and we’re going to Newcastle, Glasgow and Manchester and London on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of September.

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